What Are You At, Thermostat?

It’s some nippy out there these days wha? Cold ‘nuff to freeze ya, so inside, it’s time to turn up the heat!

It’s been a while since you got at the ol’ thermostat, so K-Rock and takeCHARGE wanna know… Whaddaya At Thermostat? 

We wanna see what your thermostat, is at. And if you’ve got dial thermostats, then there’s a good chance they’ve been wasting your energy. 


Snap a photo of your thermostat and send it to email@krockrocks.com

Just by sending us a picture, you could win a FULL THERMOSTAT MAKEOVER, valued at $1,000!

The thermostat makeover includes: 

  • 10 programmable thermostats for your home
  • A smart programmable thermostat
  • $250 in Visa gift cards 
  • And much more! 

Trust us, a thermostat makeover like that is gonna save you energy AND money! 

And hey, did we mention we’re giving out a daily prize? An Energy Efficiency Kit, jammed with LED light bulbs, weatherstripping, a high performance showerhead and more! 

So whaddaya waitin’ for? Send us your thermostat snaps! 

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